Alicia Bots has developed market-leading robotics and mobility solutions

for the maritime, offshore, oil and gas industry

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About Us

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Alicia Bots, Inc. was established in 2020; company HQ is Houston, TX! USA

Development is funded by the founders and the TechStars grant

We are an alumni of EPS - Techstars class of 2020

We are supported by an advisory team which comprises of experience in engineering, R&D, sales, legal & business management

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How it Works

Roverclean 1.0 and Propclean 1.0 are multi-purpose robots designed to carryout

various processes on a ship and offshore structures apart from hull cleaning

  • h1Fire Fighting
  • h2Sludge Removal from Tanks
  • h3Corrosion Detection
  • h4Propeller Polishing
  • h5Repair Assist
  • h6Data Collection
  • h7Hull Cleaning
  • h8Inspections
  • h9Tank Cleaning
  • h10Thickness Measurements

We believe mobility is going to play a key role in the future of Maritime Industry

Our ROV can be applied for variety of uses with different attachments to fulfill complex tasks with regards to underwater applications

Our Roverclean 1.0 is of symmetric design, aerodynamic shape and robust structure

1. Actuators

The actuators work on AI aided biofouling detection and deploy the brushes for cleaning when biofouling is detected

2. Roller Brushes

Roller brushes with very light bristles for gently brushing out light fouling growth without damaging the antifouling

3. High Pressure Pumps

Inbuilt high pressure water pump for tank cleaning system

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4. Magnetic Wheels

Magnetic wheels with 270 kgf: enables removal of mild to moderate biofouling while the ship is in motion

5. Easy to Carry

Portable and Easy to carry, weighs only 30 Kgs

6. Autonomous

Motion planning algorithm: autonomous movement on the ship hull


1% increase in Hull resistance leads to 3% increase in fuel consumptions;

Hull fouling contributes to at least 30% of all shipping emissions

Impact of Bio fouling on Increased Hull Resistance

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An impressive ROI and continuous fuel savings

make the Roverclean 1.0 more appealing to the clients

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An extensive image repository of marine species

to build an image processing dataset

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AI aided inspection and biofouling detection

to enable better decisions

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